Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer time, and the livin's easy

Harrison has been selling home security with Vivint in Southern California since May. We have an apartment in California and I've been going back to Utah twice a month to work at Primary Children's. Here are a few pics of our summer so you have an idea of what it's consisted of.

Hollywood walk of fame...

...visits with my Aunt Rene...

I've been cooking and baking a lot! This I got with my Target gift cards from our wedding-it's lovely!

                                                               ...Cauliflower pizza
So fun to go to Disneyland with my love!

Selling alarms with Harry...

...4th of July on the beach

Our favorite beach-Laguna...

The Stand-favorite place to eat in Laguna.

My girlfriend Kendra and I making pizza.

Back in Utah for my grandmas 80th birthday.

My cute cousin Maegan and I in the fishing pond-my aunts went all out at my grandma's party!

My $7 hutch I finished...

Nice hat and glasses Harry!

Love Audrey!!

Fun day of service with my honey!

That about sums it up.. Life is better with Harrison in it! We are unbalanced without each other-marriage is the best thing that ever happened to us:)! 

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